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Our mobile app easily creates walking, running & cycling routes from your current GPS location.

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The easiest way to walk, run or cycle anywhere in the world

Now you can walk, run or cycle anywhere in the world without worrying about the route. Our free mobile app offers surprising routes and route guidance. Select your desired distance and get different routes to choose from starting at your current location. With on-screen and voice navigation, you’ll be guided along the entire route. Every route is round, which means that wherever you start, you also finish. Discover a new route today from your front door, hotel or campsite. Ready to explore new places?

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Improve your fitness with a sensible training plan

Our free plans range from 3 to 50 kilometers. Simply choose your goal and get started right away. With each training, a matching route is given, so you can fully focus on your walk or run. You will receive instructions by on-screen and voice-navigation and tips for proper warming up and cooling down. Check your progress, speed, and distance in the training overview. Challenge yourself and get started today!

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All benefits in a row


Discover new walking, running & cycling routes from any place in the world.

Any distance

Short stroll around the block or long run? Choose which distance you want to walk, run or cycle.


After just one click your new walking, running or cycling route is ready. Easy as that!


Every route is round, so your starting point is also your finish. Great for unfamiliar places!

Audio & visual directions

Put in your earplugs and let the voice guide you along the route. Or check the route using the on-screen map.


Choose a plan that fits you, or just train without. Choose between a 3 - 50 km plan for either walking or running.

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