Walking holiday in Germany

Walking in Germany

Germany has become a very popular destination for (short) walking holidays. Because Germany’s landscape is so diverse, it is very well suited for both experienced and beginners. Walking in one of the many nature parks in Germany never disappoints.

The best way to discover Germany is by your own eRoutes, made via our route planner. In this way you won’t be bothered by too busy ‘tourist’ routes and you’ll pass surprising ‘new’ places. Because these routes always start and end at the location of your choice, you can also easily plan a walking route from your own campsite, guesthouse or parking place. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Here’s a quick selection of the many beautiful nature reserves that Germany has to offer, with beautiful walking routes as a tip.

1. Walking in the Sauerland, Germany

One of the most popular walking regions in Germany is the Sauerland. This ‘land of a thousand mountains’ is the largest and highest mid-mountain range between the rivers Rhine and Weser. Here you will find a peaceful atmosphere and a pleasant alternation of meadows, heathland, authentic villages and various forests. In winter, the appropriate ‘Winterberg’ offers plenty of winter sports fun for all ages. Also in summer many people leave for Winterberg to enjoy the beautiful walking landscapes.

Choose for example this 5 km walking route from Parkplatz P5 in Winterberg and walk along the Renau, in the direction of Altastenberg and back. The route crosses the mountains and contains a number of elevation differences. Not really a mountain hero? In that case, it is useful to check the elevation profile of a route at all times, especially in mountainous areas. This way you can see the different heights on the route in advance and you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises on your route.

A very friendly city in Sauerland is Meschede. Meschede is the capital of the Hochsauerlandkreis area and lies directly on the Hennesee. Here you can set out various beautiful walking routes such as this route of 5 km that runs along the Hennessee or this longer walking route of 12 km that starts from Berhauser Bucht on the Hennessee.

Walking in the Sauerland, Germany
Walking in the Sauerland, Germany. source: sauerland.com

2. Walking in Zwillbrocker Venn, Germany

On the border with the Netherlands, lies the small German village of Zwillbrock. Here you will find the nature reserve Zwillbrocker Venn. This protected area is known for its wild flamingos. The reserve is not overly large which makes the Zwillbrocker Venn an excellent place to visit during a day trip.

This walking route in the Zwillbrocker Venn, starts and ends at Hotel Kloppendiek. The 6-kilometre long walking route takes you past two watchtowers with stunning views over the lake and the many birds that live here. Such as the largest black-headed gull colony in Germany, with around 16,000 birds. It is also the most northern nesting place for a colony of about 40 flamingos. Where the black-headed gulls are present throughout the year, the flamingos can be found from March to the end of May. Because of these unique birds, the entire area is under bird protection.

Walking in the Zwillbrocker Venn, Germany
Flamingos in the Zwillbrocker Venn. © Esther Reijrink

3. Walking in the Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest is known as the largest forest area in Germany. Silent, extensive woods, large mountain peaks, and wonderful lakes make the Black Forest an enormously popular walking destination. Here you can wander endlessly through majestic pine forests, without getting bored.

There are two large nature parks within this region, which cover almost the entire area. The Mitte/Nord National Park is the largest nature park in Germany with an area of 375,000 m2. The ‘Naturpark Südschwarzwald’ is located in the south of the Black Forest. It starts at Triberg and ends at the Upper Rhine on the border with Switzerland. The highest peak of the Black Forest is assigned to the 1,493 m high Feldberg, which offers a magnificent view of the Alps. Climbing the Feldberg is highly recommended when the weather is good. These two 5 km walking routes in the Black Forest take you from a parking lot to the top of the Feldberg and back again.

Walking in the Black Forest, Germany
Walking in the Black Forest, Germany

4. Walking in the Thuringian Forest, Germany

This nature park is the largest nature park in the state of Thuringia. With its five national parks and two Unesco nature reserves, Thuringia is called the ‘Green Heart of Germany’ for a good reason. The Thuringian Forest is packed with beautiful walking routes.

Take lovely walks along the Trusetal waterfall, discover numerous routes in the woods or walk along the Drachenschlucht near Eisenach. This is a walking route through a canyon with different heights and narrow paths.

It is a real pleasure to let our route planner do its work in the Thuringian Forest. You are allowed to walk almost everywhere, so you won’t come across many fences. This makes the Thuringian Forest a particularly walking-friendly area and perfect for a (short) walking holiday. But you can also easily create a route with a longer distance. Choose your own starting point in the route planner and enter the number of kilometers to find your long-distance route. Like this 20 km walking route in the Thuringian Forest, starting at Parkplatz am Ringbergblick in Suhl.

Walking in the Thuringian Forest, Germany
Walking in the Thuringian Forest, Germany

More walking routes in Germany: create your own eRoutes!

Besides all these beautiful areas, Germany has many more nature reserves where you can discover beautiful walking routes. Would you rather discover other parts of Germany by foot? No problem. With our route planner, you always choose the starting point of your hiking route yourself.

Create your own hiking route in Germany

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