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How to find new walking routes with a walking app

Would you like to discover new walking routes and can you use a little help? Consider downloading the eRoutes walking app. This app maps out routes all over the world from the exact location you are at that moment, and you can also decide for yourself how long the routes need to be. This way you always have your own unique walking guide at hand.

But how does this work exactly?

Most mapped out walking routes already have a fixed starting location and distance. The app from eRoutes gives you the opportunity to map out a new walking route wherever you are. Whether you’re in the countryside, just at your front door or at your favorite campsite in France.

GPS walking routes

Just like many other walking apps, eRoutes uses the GPS signal on your mobile phone. With this GPS signal, the app can see where you are. As a result, you can choose a walking route wherever you are and then walk it right away. Thanks to the GPS signal, the app also tracks you during the route. Sending you signals when you need to turn left or right.

Each route is based on the distance you want to walk. The app simply maps out one to three walking routes from the distance of your choice. This is what makes each walking route unique! All routes will start and end at your current GPS location (from a to a). This makes it very easy to discover routes in an unfamiliar area.

Walking app: eRoutes
Walking app: eRoutes

This is how you’ll find new walking routes

We will show you in 6 simple steps how to find a new walking route today using the eRoutes walking app.

1. Download the app

If you have an iPhone, go to Apple’s App Store to download the app and for Android devices use Google Play.  You can also search for the app by entering eRoutes in the search bar of your app store. Once you’ve found it, follow all the steps to install the app on your phone. The app is completely free to download.

2. Open the app to get started

Yes, you have the app on your phone! Open the app and choose your language: Dutch or English. After this, you will see an introductory text, which will show you how to get started within the eRoutes walking app.

3. Create an eRoutes account

Next, you will see the screen ‘Getting started’. If you already have an eRoutes app account, you only need to log in.

Don’t have an account yet? Then register by clicking on the ‘Register’ button (what a surprise ;)). Fill in your email address and choose a safe password. Click on the ‘Register Account’ button. You will need to read and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Last thing. You will need to verify your email address by activating it through the link that was sent to you. After doing this you can log in.

A quick tip: You can also use your Facebook account to login to our app. You will need to be logged in to Facebook for this of course.

4. Get your unique walking routes

Would you like to create your own unique walking routes in your area? Then select ”Find your route”. The app now requests access to your GPS data. You cannot use the app without GPS, so it is important that you click on ‘Allow’ in this message. After activating your GPS, you can see your current location on the map (blue dot). Use the distance slider at the top of the screen to select the distance of your route. The app will instantly generate walking routes based on the indicated distance. Press and hold the button of a route (A,B,C) a bit longer to see the route in more detail.

5. Start your route

Did you find a route you want to walk? Then click on the corresponding button (A,B,C) and the app will immediately start to navigate by giving you the first directions. Along the route, the app will continue to follow you on the basis of your GPS signal. In this way, you will always be given directions as to whether you need to go to the right or left on the route. You can view the route on your screen or put on your earplugs and let audio navigation guide you along the route.

Training plans for walking
Choose a training plan.

Including walking plans for a better health

Would you like to enjoy more features in the app? Try one of the training plans created to improve your fitness and increase your ability to walk longer. Choose ‘Find your training plan’ in the app. Do you have any questions about the app or do you need help? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions. Maybe your question is also listed here. If not, you can always send us a message via email or social media. We’ll be happy to help you !e you will find walking plans ranging from 3 to 50 kilometers. Because of the gradual build-up, you work on your fitness in a healthy way. Decide the distance you want to train for and in which timeframe you want to reach this goal. A training plan is then made based on your preferences. Each walking plan is based on 3 training sessions per week, in which you walk at a relaxed pace. Instructions are given during each training and you can even choose a fitting walking route for every training. But you can also decide to walk without a generated route. Then choose ‘Start without a route’. The app will still track your route using GPS but you will decide for yourself when to turn left or right. After completing a training session, the next one will be released.

Got questions?

Do you have any questions about the app or do you need help? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions. Maybe your question is also listed here. If not, you can always send us a message via email or social media. We’ll be happy to help you!

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