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The story of runner René

René Delsink (50) has his own pension advice company and is very active. He is always busy with his dogs and horses. He takes boot camp lessons, together with a group of entrepreneurs, every week. And addition to that, René has also been running for 3 months. He does this with great pleasure and prefers runs with his faithful four-legged friend.

Better together

“Together you enjoy a run more. That’s why I prefer to run with my dog. I also feel very free while running and I pass by the most beautiful places. Luckily this is combined with working on my endurance.”

The story of rene - Blog
René together with his dog

The importance of regularity

“Last summer, persuaded by friends, I ran an obstacle run in Emmen. I had never run more than 6 km in a row before, so I was a bit hesitant to participate. The obstacle run had a distance of 13.3 km. But because of the different obstacles along the way, I completed it without any problems. After the obstacle run, I didn’t train for 6 weeks and I noticed that my stamina had dropped dramatically. So after 6 weeks, I could only run half of the distance that I had done during the obstacle run. This made it clear to me that regular training is very important.”

Going to New York?

“Before I started running 3 months ago, it was my idea to run the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2019 and the New York marathon in November 2020. I was so excited, that I had already checked with my friends if they had ears for this as well. A lot of people wanted to come with me to New York. But running 42 kilometers… That was too much for them and eventually for me as well, unfortunately.

In my enthusiasm, I searched for the best way to train. While scrolling through the App Store of my phone, I came across the eRoutes app. The app appealed to me because it shows routes and therefore you don’t have to think about where you have to go while running. I was also looking for an app with training plans. The eRoutes app also has that, so that came in handy!”

The story of rene - Blog
René takes beautiful pictures during his runs

What a tremendous kick

“At first I had chosen a training plan, in which I would train for the marathon in 12 weeks. This was just a bit too enthusiastic of me because then I would have to run 21 kilometers in the first training. I adjusted my goal and chose a training plan to one where I trained for a half marathon in 11 to 12 weeks.

In that time, September of 2018, eRoutes (former known as Imagine Run) organized a virtual race ‘the Hartstichting Imagine Run’. This fell nicely into my training schedule. It was a nice way for me to test if the app had helped me to run 15 kilometers in a row. And I did it! This gave me a tremendous kick!

It took me some time getting used to doing a race on your own, officially with start number and all. But it was great fun. Because the app tracks your route and measures your distance and average speed, I shared a picture of this on social media. Also because I was very proud of my beautiful time!”

The story of rene - Blog
New routes

“My ultimate goal was of course to run a half marathon (21 km). After completing the training plan via the app, I ran the ‘Van Oers Half Marathon’ in Etten-Leur. I finished in a time of 1.48.40 hours, I must say I’m quite proud of that.

The great thing about training with the eRoutes app is that you can enjoy running without having to think about which route to run. The app also prevents you from running the same route every time.”

Want to know more about René and his running adventures? Check him out on Instagram: @renedelsink

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