From our users: The story of Adriaan

Meet our app users and discover their stories. Be inspired by their goals and aspirations. In this edition, Adriaan (67) tells about his relatively new hobby: walking. He recently started using the app.

Healthy aging

Adriaan lives in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and has worked in higher education for a long time. “These work activities required mainly mental efforts, but little physical effort. Now that I have almost reached the age of retirement, I especially want to use my leg muscles more. I want to do this by going for more walks.” Adriaan says.

Adriaan has never been a member of a sports club and also finds it difficult to walk on a regular basis. But, he has a good motivation to keep going: “Around me, I already see many people of my age who have problems with walking and have to rely on walking assistance. I hope that by walking a lot now, I will be able to walk without assistance for many years to come.”

Wandelroutes app en routeplanner
Adriaan loves to walk in nature

Walking with an app

“I sometimes find it a bit difficult to put on my walking shoes, because I don’t like to walk the same route over and over again. That’s why I was so happy when I heard about the eRoutes App. The app challenges me to push my boundaries and to enter new paths. Now and then I cycle to a place in an area where I like to walk. When I get to this point, I open the app and can choose from a new route that it sets out for me.”

Discovering new walking routes

Adriaan was surprised by new routes near him. ” The app has allowed me to get to know a lot of new paths in my neighborhood, while I thought I knew all the roads. It has also sent me along routes that are not on a walking map. It is recommended to put on good walking shoes, as sometimes it can happen that you end up on a meadow or forest path. Some paths are also difficult to enter, for example after a rainstorm. Then I deviate slightly from the route.”

Exploring new areas

With the eRoutes app, every hike feels like a voyage of discovery: “It takes some time to find the right path, but you always have some certainty that you will get back to the start of the hike. You don’t have this if you follow a pre-defined route. I’ve walked routes like that before. These are beautiful walking routes that lead you over farmland in the provinces of Utrecht and Gelderland. Very nice routes, but they are predetermined. So, if I want to see something that is not on the route during a route like this, I have a problem. With this app, this is less of a problem, because it’s quite easy to see how to get back to the original route.”

Pushing boundaries

By taking walks I notice that I am pushing my limits and that my endurance is improving. There is room for some improvement though. Strikingly enough, I recently wanted to go for a walk in the nature reserve The Blue Room, in Dutch “De Blauwe Kamer”, near Wageningen, but I didn’t find any routes here with the app. This despite the fact that there are many walking paths in the area. This area is definitely worth walking through. The Blue Room is regularly flooded and that’s why nature changes all the time. The area is rich in beautiful flora and fauna. So if they add more routes in nature parks like these to their app, I’m a happy man!”

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