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Last revision: 18-04-2019 – eRoutes is part of Imagine Run BV. Therefore the privacy policy of Imagine Run BV applies to the use of eRoutes.

This policy explains in which manner IMAGINE RUN BV (eRoutes) collects personal data both online and offline and how we use this data. eRoutes was developed under the responsibility of IMAGINE RUN BV.

Please read this privacy policy carefully. You then know if you wish to grant permission for the use of your personal data by IMAGINE RUN BV. IMAGINE RUN BV collects and processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and not be able to process your personal data without your permission.

In general, we collect your personal data when you subscribe for our newsletter, when you create an account, when you send us an email and when you make use of our website, our apps and our social media.

We make use of these and of other data to be able to offer you and our other users better service, marketing, and support (by amongst others analyzing your data for a more personalized user experience) For instance, when you create an account, download or use one of our apps or when you contact us in any way, we could ask your permission to use your data for specific purposes. Your choices on how we use personal data are described here.

Through eRoutes, IMAGINE RUN BV offers a lot of information about her company. This can also be seen at and In case you use our service and want to place an order, this order might be placed at third parties. In any case, please also check our privacy policy with regards to third parties in case you place an order there.

In case you provide personal data via IMAGINE RUN BV, we will keep these data to be able to process your order or your order and to send you newsletters from time to time. These are the purposes of the data collection.

IMAGINE RUN BV is a responsible (This means an organization responsible for the processing of personal data in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation) with regards to all the data IMAGINE RUN BV collects about you and receives when you make use of our services. IMAGINE RUN BV is bound to and uses your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which becomes effective on the 25th of May 2018.

1. Cookies

Just like on a normal computer you can also be passed on to a website that uses cookies or is passed on via eRoutes. In case that occurs, please check the privacy policy of the website in question. On your telephone, you can indicate that you do not accept cookies. However, eRoutes does make use of cookies that collect personal data.

We collect your data in various manners:

a. Directly from you.
For instance when you subscribe for a newsletter or an action, when you create an account, participate in a match or a free contest, download an app, submit a reaction via (the contact form on) eRoutes, ask us a question, send us an e-mail or contact IMAGINE RUN BV in any way.

b. By the use of our website and apps.
You can browse and use our websites and our apps with a computer, a telephone, a tablet or another device. On our websites and our apps, we use tracking tools such as browser cookies and web beacons to collect data about your use.

c. From third parties.
For instance, when you choose to use an integrated social media function on our websites or our apps, this social media site will provide us with specific data about you, such as your name and your e-mail address. Your activities on our sites and apps can be placed on social media platforms.

2. The data about you we could save

For the purposes as described in this policy we use the following data:

a. Your contact- and account data.
We save the contact data provided by you (for instance name, address, telephone number, email, resident country, preferred language) when you create an eRoutes account, buy a ticket and/or participate in our contests or actions.

b. Your payment and invoice data.
In order to process your order, we save the payment and invoice data provided by you, such as for instance your credit card number and your postal code.

c. Data provided by you online.
We save for instance data which you placed on an external social media site to which we have access (such as reviews or questionnaires placed or filled-in by you) On placement of data online the rights of others may not be infringed ( this includes the right to privacy) and you need to be fully aware of the fact that others could use your data, could tag it and/or could re-publish it in unexpected (and even unlawful) ways.

You understand that we and other parties (including third parties who offer events via eRoutes) are allowed to use and re-publish your publicly placed online data. This includes the data you have placed via eRoutes or via social media functions. However, when using eRoutes we cannot accept responsibility for the further use of your personal data by third parties, in case you place an order or in case you otherwise share your personal data directly with such third parties.

3. Data about your preferences

We can collect data about your favorite events or about products you buy or make inquiries about (for instance as a part of a questionnaire or your review on an event). We can also save data about your interests and about your demographics, which we can deduct from your interactions with us, to provide you with better service or to provide you with more detailed information. For instance, when you buy a ticket for a specific event and lots of people who went to that event have also bought tickets for another event, we can send information about that event.

When you visit our website, we can collect data about the browser you use and about your IP-address. (This is the number with which specific network devices are identified on the Internet and which your device needs in order to communicate with websites) We can follow what you have and haven’t done on our website and which pages you visit when you have left our website.

4. We can use your data in the following ways and for the following purposes.

a. To provide you with products, services, account data, and support.
We can use your data to confirm your registration for an event. When you provide us with data about friends who ask for information, we will use this data to offer the services you ask of us. Please ask permission of these friends first before sharing their data with us.

b. To send you messages regarding your transaction or regarding events you visited.
We can send you, for instance, an email about your account or your purchase or we can ask you to write a review about an event you visited. Besides that, we can send you a one-off email to remind you of an event that might be of interest to you based on tickets you have already bought or events you already visited.

c. To signal trends and interests.
We use your data in order to know about your preferences, so we can improve our offer to you and make your experience with us more specific and more personal.

d. The control and improvement of our products, services, and websites.
We analyze your data to improve our understanding of you and of our relations database in general. We do this in order to be able to make better decisions about our services, our marketing, our products, and our content. This is based on an improved image of how our clients use our current services and to more personalize their experience with us.

e. In case you have subscribed to a newsletter
In case you have subscribed to a newsletter via eRoutes, we are allowed to send you newsletters.

5. You have specific choices about how we use your data.

When you create an account or download and use our apps, we can also ask your permission to collect, process or use your personal data for specific purposes at a later moment. In case you want to opt-out on the permission you gave us for the specific use of your personal data or in case you wish to see or alter your data, please write to us or state your preferences via the e-mail address

You can not only opt-out in writing but also in the following ways:

a. You can opt-out for the receipt of commercial messages.
In order to no longer receive emails, text messages or push messages from the app for promotional purposes, please follow the instructions in a commercial message you have received or e-mail to Even when you have opted out for the receipt of commercial messages, we will keep sending you transactional messages. This way we can still contact you about your orders.

b. You can opt-out for the receipt of our newsletters
In order to no longer receive our newsletters, please change your account settings or follow the instructions which are in every newsletter. Or send an e-mail to

c. You can request us to provide an insight into the data about you we have stored.
Via you can also request us to alter or to completely erase your personal data.

6. We can share your data with the following third parties:

Within IMAGINE RUN BV we can share your data with all involved with our organization and for all purposes mentioned in this policy, but not for other purposes, unless you explicitly grant permission.

b. Third parties
We will only share your data with third parties other than mentioned under a. unless you have explicitly granted your permission. This way these parties can better analyze their visitors’ behavior and can provide better service and support to their visitors. In case they would like to use your data for other purposes than described in this privacy, you must be asked to explicitly grant your permission. Please check the privacy policy of the third party concerned in case you place an order there.

c. Third parties who supply the goods and services you have bought.
Your data can also be shared with third parties supplying the goods and services you have bought via our website (for example tickets or merchandise), so these can process and ship your order (by contacting you amongst others).

d. When we think this is necessary to comply with legislation or to protect ourselves or third parties.
As far as legally allowed, at the request of a government institution or another body or organization thereto authorized, we can share data in order to protect or enforce our rights or those of third parties for the detection or prevention of fraud (which includes credit card fraud or fraud which we think has taken place during a lottery or an action during an event) or of other criminal acts.

We make use of standard safety measures. We have taken fitting technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. The standard safety measures we use depend on the nature of the collected data. Please bear in mind that the Internet and apps are not 100% safe. We cannot promise that the use of our sites is completely safe. We advise you to be prudent in using the Internet. This includes the non-sharing of your passwords.

In case you have questions or complaints or in case you would like to receive a copy of the data we have saved about you, please contact us at

In case you have questions or complaints about this privacy policy or about your privacy or in case you would like to receive a copy of the data we have saved about you, please contact us at

In order to correct, change or adapt the data you have provided or in order to withdraw the permission you have granted us, please contact

All requests for information sent to need to be accompanied by a valid identification of the requesting party, whereby the responsible data manager is allowed to verify the identity of the requesting party in order to protect the privacy of the parties involved in case of unidentified requests.