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Privacy policy eRoutes (version 25-05-2020)

IMAGINE RUN BV (“IMAGINE RUN” or “IMAGINE” or “EROUTES”) is the provider of the “eRoutes” App (“App”) and maintains the website This policy explains how on the website and the app, both online and offline, EROUTES collects personal data and how EROUTES uses this data. The app has been developed under the responsibility of IMAGINE RUN BV.

Please read this privacy policy carefully. This way you know whether you wish to grant permission for the use by EROUTES of your personal data. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation EROUTES collects and processes personal data and without your permission is not allowed to process your personal data.

In general we collect data about when you subscribe to the newsletter, when you create your account, when you send us an e-mail and when you use our websites, apps and social media.

We use this and other data to offer you better service, better marketing and better support (amongst others by the analysis of your data to provide you with a more personalised user experience). When for example you create your account, download
or use one of our apps or contact us in any other way, we can ask your permission to use your data for certain purposes. Your choice on how we use personal data is described here.

Via her app EROUTES offers a lot of information about the company and about the events organised by her, as can be seen on In case you use our app and want to place an order, such order could also be placed with third parties. In any case, please check the privacy policy of such third party in case you place your order there.

In case you provide your personal data via EROUTES, we will save your personal data in order to be able to process your order or question and to send you a newsletter from time to time. This is the purpose of the data collection.

With that, EROUTES is a responsible party (this means an organisation responsible for the processing of personal data in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation) regarding all information EROUTES collects and receives concerning you, when you make use of our services. EROUTES is held to and uses the information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation which was introduced on May the 25th 2018

1. Personal Data

We collect your data in various ways:

a. Straight from you.
For example when you subscribe to a newsletter or an action, when you create an account, participate in a contest or a free competition, download an app, place your reaction via EROUTES, ask us a question, e-mail us or contact EROUTES in another way.

b. By your use of our website and apps.
You can visit and use our websites and apps via a computer, a telephone, a tablet or via another device. On our websites and apps we make use of tracking tools such as cookies and web beacons to collect information about your use.

c. From third parties.
In case for example you choose to use a social media function integrated in our websites or apps, such social media website will provide us with certain information about you, such as your name and your e-mail address. Your activities on our website and apps can be placed on the social media platforms.

2. Information about you we can save
We use the following information for the purposes described in this policy:

a. Your contact- and account information.
We save the contact information provided by you (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, country of residence, preferred language) when you create an EROUTES account, buy a ticket and/or participate in competitions or actions.

b. Your payment and invoice information.
In order to process your order, we save the payment and invoice information provided by you, such as your credit card number and postal code.

c. Information placed by you online.
We save information, for example which via our app EROUTES you have placed on an external social media site to which we have access (such as reviews placed or questionnaires completed by you).
On placing information online, no rights of others may be infringed (this includes the right to privacy) and you need to be conscious of the fact that others may use your information, may ‘tag’ and/or re-publish it in a manner you would not expect (this also includes unlawful manners).

You will understand that we and others (including third parties who offer their services via EROUTES) may use and re-publish your information publicly placed online. This includes the information you have placed via the EROUTES app or via social media functions. When the app is used EROUTES can however not accept any responsibility for the use by third parties of your personal data in case you place an order or directly share your personal data with such third parties.

2. Information about your preferences

We can collect information about your favourite events, the products you buy or what you inquire about (for example as part of a questionnaire or your review). We can also collect information about your interests and the demographic category which we can deduce from your interaction with us, to offer you a better service and to provide you with more targeted information.

When you visit our website we can collect information about the browser you use and your IP-address (this is the number by which specific network devices are identified on the Internet and which your device needs in order to communicate with websites)
We can check what you have and have not done on our app and which parts you have visited before closing the app.

3. We can use your information in the following manner and for the following purposes.

a. To provide you with products, services, account data and support.
This way we can use your information to confirm your registration.

b. To send you messages regarding your transaction and the events you visited.
We can for example send you an e-mail about your account or the purchase or ask you to write a review.

c. To indicate trends and interests.
We use your information in order to know what your preferences could be, so we can improve our offer to you and so your experience with us is better aimed and more personalised.

d. To control and improve our products, our services and our websites.
We analyse your information to improve our understanding of you and of our users and clients in general. We do this in order to make better decisions regarding our services, possible advertisements, products and content, based on a better informed image on how our users and clients make use of our current services and to more personalise your experience with us.

e. In case you subscribed to a newsletter
In case you have subscribed to a newsletter via the website, web application or created an account via the EROUTES app, we are allowed to send you newsletters.

4. You have certain choices on how we use your information

When you create an account or download and use our apps, we can also at a later moment ask your permission to collect, process or use your personal information for specific purposes. In case you would like to withdraw the permission you have given us for such use or in case you would like to see or alter your information, please write to us or state your preferences via the e-mail address

Not only can you unsubscribe in writing, you can also do this in the following ways:

a. You can unsubscribe for the receipt of commercial messages.
In order to no longer receive e-mails, text messages or push messages from the app for promotional purposes, please follow the instructions in a commercial message you have received or send an e-mail to Even when you unsubscribe for the receipt of commercial messages, we will keep sending you transaction messages. This way we will still be able to contact you about your orders.

b. You can unsubscribe for the receipt of our newsletters.
In order to no longer receive our newsletters please change your account settings or follow the instructions included in all of our newsletters. Or send an e-mail to

c. You can request us to let you see the information we have saved about you.
Via you can also request us to alter the information or to completely delete your personal information.

5. We can share your information with the following third parties

a. within EROUTES
Within EROUTES we can share your information with all involved in these organisations for all purposes mentioned in this policy but not for any other, unless you have given your explicit permission.

b. Third parties
We will only share your information with third parties other than those mentioned in a. in case you have given your explicit permission. This way they can analyse the behaviour of their visitors and offer them a better service and support. In case these third parties want to use your personal information for purposes other than mentioned in this privacy policy, they must ask for your explicit permission. In case you place an order with a third party please check the privacy policy of the concerned party.

c. Third parties which supply the goods and services you purchased.
Your information can also be shared with third parties which offer goods and services which you have purchased via our website (for example tickets or merchandise), so these parties concerned can process and send your order (amongst others by contacting you)

d. In case we deem it necessary to comply with laws and regulations or in order to protect ourselves or third parties.
To the extent permitted by law, at the request of a government agency or another competent authority or organisation, we can share information in order to protect or to enforce our rights or the rights of a third party or in order to detect or prevent fraud (including credit card fraud, fraud which we suspect took place during a lottery or an action or during an event and other offenses).

We make use of standard safety precautions. We have taken fitting technical and organisational precautions to protect personal information against loss or any other form of unlawful processing. The standard safety precautions we use are dependent on the nature of the collected information. Please remain conscious of the fact that Internet and apps are not 100% secure. We cannot promise the use of our sites being completely safe. We therefore advise you to be careful when using the Internet. This includes not ever sharing you passwords.

In case you have questions, wish to file a complaint or would like to receive a copy of the information about you we have saved, please contact us via

In case you have questions or wish to file a complaint about this privacy policy or about your own privacy or would like to receive a copy of the information about you we have saved, please contact us at

In order to correct, alter or update the information you have provided us with, or in order to withdraw the permission you have given us, please contact us at

Your rights

You can at all times oppose the use of personal information for direct marketing purposes and/or for the (further) receipt of (certain) marketing information by sending a termination request to

You have the right to request EROUTES to grant you inspection of your – by EROUTES as the organisation responsible for the processing in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation – personal information and/or (as far as applicable) to improve, complete, delete or to shield this. A request to inspect and/or correct can be send to

All requests for information sent to need to be accompanied by a valid identification of the applicant, at which the responsible data controller is allowed to verify the identity of the applicant, in order to protect the privacy of the persons concerned in case of possible unidentified requests.