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How to start running? 5 tips for new runners!

Running is a sport that continues to grow in popularity. That’s not surprising, the benefits are numerous: you don’t need an expensive gym subscription, you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it’s also an excellent activity for improving your endurance. But first-time runners have to be careful. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily get injured. Do you want to know how to start running? Below you will find five golden tips for a successful start as a rookie runner:

1. Don’t start out running too fast

When you start running, you have to be careful. The most common mistake of new runners: wanting to do too much too fast. After putting on your new, beautiful running shoes, you may feel like you’re on top of the world and want to start a sprint right away. This is great of course, but make sure you don’t overrun. If you feel like you have had a ‘hard workout’ when you get back, something goes wrong. Your muscles and joints can’t keep up with these (intense) physical efforts fast enough, which increases the risk of injuries. So it is better to run more slowly than you intend. Remember, even the fastest and best runners have started somewhere at the bottom of the ladder.

How do you know if you run at a good pace? A good guideline is to talk. If you can have a normal conversation and you don’t get out of breath, you’re running at a good pace. Did you know that this gentle buildup also allows you to gain endurance even faster?

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Start out slowly

2. Choose a (realistic) running goal

Starting to run is a goal in itself, but to be able to run longer distances, it helps to set goals. Goals give you the direction which makes you more motivated to get moving. It is recommended not to set too big of a goal. Of course, it’s okay to fantasize about participating in the New York marathon one day, but when you’ve just started running, it’s better to first choose a realistic goal. Like for example, a recreational run of 3 or 5 kilometers close to home.

To get prepared for your first distance run, it can help to use a training plan from the eRoutes App. For example, a training plan which works up to running 5 km, is perfect for beginning runners. These training plans, made by Olympic marathon runner Gerard Nijboer, are the perfect way to start training in a responsible way. The app can also provide each training with a matching route, so you can run anywhere you want without having to think about where to go.

3. Regularity = Result

When you start running, you will notice that in the beginning it is mostly struggling and sweating. After a while, running will be fun, because, in order to build up your endurance and get better at something, you have to do it regularly.

Starting to run is tough and in the beginning, you may have a tendency to come up with all kinds of excuses to skip a workout. Don’t do this, otherwise, you won’t improve. It is recommended to pick regular evenings in the week to run. Try to stick to this. To see results from your running laps you need patience and perseverance. When you have started running, it is advisable to train 3 times a week in the beginning anyway. In theory, you will see results after 5 – 6 weeks.

4. Take care of your body

You’ve started running and you’ve noticed that you’ve gotten into a good flow. You are super motivated and keep to your training plan. However, somewhere you feel a little pain that doesn’t seem like muscle pain. You should always listen to your body, especially when you are just beginning to run. Don’t ignore these pains. Take a few days extra rest and give your body that time. Running is quite an effort for your body, so if you notice that you can’ t run, go for a walk or ride a bike to stay active.

Listen to your body while running
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Choose new routes

5. Vary in running routes and surfaces

By regularly changing your route you not only keep it fun for yourself, but it can also reduce your risk of injury. This is because roads and paths often bulge so that no water remains on them, which can overload your body unnoticed. With the eRoutes App, you will discover new routes everywhere. You select the distance yourself and the app immediately gives you three routes to choose from. Through screen and voice navigation you will be guided along the route and you will always return to where you started. New routes motivate with running and make it easier for you to keep going.

Download the eRoutes App via the App Store or Google Play.

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