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This is how you easily create a running route using an app!

The great thing about running is that you can do it any time and anywhere. Step out of your front door and the world literally lies at your feet. But running can get a bit boring if you keep on taking the same running route over and over again. Time to change things up a bit!

But how can you make your own running route? Or where do you go if you want to run in an unfamiliar area? Discover how you can create a running route of your desired distance in 5 simple steps. Bet it’s easier than you think?

Of course, you can think of a running route ‘on the go’. This is a fine way if you are familiar with the area and know the roads well. But it is actually much more fun to not have to think about it and to focus fully on the running itself. Especially when you are running in an unfamiliar setting, it is nice to map out a running route in advance. However, many route planners are built in a very complex way, where you have to compose your own route point by point. Luckily there is now a very easy way to find a new running route.

The free eRoutes app gives you surprising routes all over the world and guides you by voice and on-screen navigation along the route. So you don’t have to design your own running route, the app does all the work for you. And the great thing is that the app only leads you along walk-friendly roads and paths.

Create your new running route in 5 steps:

1. Download or open the eRoutes App

Do you already have the eRoutes App on your phone? Super, open the app to get started. If not, download the free app from your App Store or Google Play Store to continue.

2. Click in the app on the button: ‘Find your route’.

Set your distance and choose your running route. The app uses the GPS location of your phone, so it can find the starting point of your routes. This means that you can run a route from any place in the world.

3. Select how far you want to run

Use the distance slider to select a distance you want to run. For example, 5 kilometers. The app now instantly creates 1-3 running routes for you. The eRoutes App only provides routes that we know to be run-friendly.* Your route always ends up at the point where you started, perfect if you don’t know your way around very well.

4. Choose a running route

To view a route in more detail, press and hold the letter of the route (A, B or C) on the screen. The individual route is now shown on the screen. Click on the route button of your choice to start the route.

5. Get started!

Time to walk your selected route! Along the way you will receive navigation instructions by audio and you can also view the route on your screen. So you can just put in your earphones and keep the phone in your pocket, the voice will guide you along the roads. When you get back to your starting point, you stop the route by pressing ‘Stop’ and you can then see the distance, pace and time of your walked route.

Get more out of your running routes

  1. You get even more variation in your running routes by choosing a different starting point each time. For example, walk 100 meters before you let the app create routes. This often gives you other routes for your chosen distance. You can also play with the distance to discover more routes.
  2. Try also a route in a nature reserve or in another neighborhood. Grab your bike or a car and let the app plot a route from the parking lot
  3. Find out that you have been a little too enthusiastic and have chosen a route that is too long? Tap ‘Stop’ and then choose ‘Navigate back to the start’. The app now guides you back to the point where you started the route via the quickest route.
  4. Walking in the dark? Then always make sure you are seen by wearing a vest, reflective strips or loose lights.
  5. Share nice pictures of your routes with your friends on social media. The most beautiful photos with #eroutes will be given a place in our ‘Run of Fame’ on Instagram.
  6. If you prefer to decide on a running route yourself, for example when you are training with a plan, but do want to see your distance, pace, and route afterward, you can choose ‘Start without route’ in the app. The app uses GPS to keep track of your route. When you return, you stop your activity and then see your route on the map including pace and distance.

The eRoutes App always offers surprising routes, wherever you are in the world. Discover a new route today from your front door, hotel or campsite.

*Did you get a route that’s not right? Let us know by sending us a message.

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