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eRoutes helps your guests, employees and customers to exercise (more) and lets them discover new places all over the world through surprising walking and running routes.

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Routes along surprising paths

eRoutes is an online provider of recreational walking and running routes. From any location in the world one can get a route of one’s own distance calculated. This makes eRoutes accessible for both beginners and more experienced runners and walkers.

Routes can be planned in advance via a website (desktop) or can start directly from a current GPS location via the app (mobile).

In addition to routes, the app also contains responsible training schedules created by Gerard Nijboer.

Unique features to explore the world


Discover new walking or running routes from any place in the world.


Select preferences and customize the route to suit your needs.

Any distance

Short walk around the block or long run? Choose the distance yourself.


Always get back to where you started.


Get a new route in one simple click


Use eRoutes as you like. On your phone, sports watch or printed paper.

My years of experience in healthcare and running make me enthusiastic about all new initiatives to get moving. That is why I am also committed to eRoutes. This is an accessible tool for walking or running. I have created the training plans in the mobile app to make it easy to set and achieve goals.

Gerard Nijboer | eRoutes
Gerard Nijboer
exercise and health expert
Willem Wolvers | eRoutes

Willem Wolvers

Business Development

Because eRoutes is an easy to use tool to help find circular walking or running routes, I think it’s a great gift for your customers or employees. It makes walking and running more fun and a little bit adventurous, while at the same time contributing to people’s health. That’s why I decided to help eRoutes find its way on all continents.

Bastiaan Klap | eRoutes

Bastiaan Klap

account manager

What I like about eRoutes is that both tools are accessible to everyone. It’s special to be part of an energetic team that helps thousands of people to get moving and keep moving. I would like to talk to you about how we can give shape to our collaboration in order to strengthen each other.

Dennis Borst | eRoutes

Dennis Borst

account manager

With my top sport background (Volleyball) I know how important it is to exercise. It’s not only good for my physique, I also enjoy it a lot. I like to clear my head after an intensive day by getting some fresh air. During my travels I also look for all kinds of active sports. It’s great to explore the area while walking and discover beautiful places. That is why I would really like to introduce you to eRoutes.

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