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10 inspiring quotes and sayings about walking

We all have days when things are just not going that great. Your energy levels are poor and you have a lack of motivation to do anything. We have collected 10 quotes for you that will motivate you to enjoy a nice walk in the fresh air (more often)!

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The story of Sifra | eRoutes Blog

The story of runner Sifra

In ‘The Story of’, you can read stories from users of our app, stories about real people with great experiences, victories, and goals. Get inspired, this week by Sifra, who has only been running for a year, but has already learned a lot about the positive effects of running. Physically, but also mentally.

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From our users: The story of Adriaan

Meet our app users and discover their stories. Be inspired by their goals and aspirations. In this edition, Adriaan (67) tells about his relatively new hobby: walking. He recently started using the app.

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