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eRoutes is powerful in providing recreational walking, running & cycling routes through an online route planner and mobile app. To keep the routes accessible to everyone, they are available for all levels, distances and from any location. Both offer both routes and route guidance along the way. Because the routes are always circular, you end up back where you started.

The mobile app of eRoutes is free to download for iOS and Android and is offered in Dutch, English and French. From your current location, the mobile app creates unique, round walking, running or cycling routes within seconds and offers route directions along the way. In addition to routes, the app also offers training plans for walking and running. 

The route planner is available as a web application and can be used from a laptop or PC. The route planner is used to plan your routes elsewhere in advance and to print them out and/or download them as (gpx,kml,tcx) files for a sports watch or gps device. At the moment the route planner is available in Dutch and English for walking and running routes. 

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"Helping everyone, anywhere in the world, to exercise regularly in an accessible and surprising way."

That's our goal
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eRoutes & virtual events

In addition to using our app to discover new routes from anywhere and to follow a training plan for walking or running, we are also supporting more and more organizations and charities with our technology to organize virtual runs and events.

We actually did this before the corona crisis using the name Imagine Run. People who have been following us for some time will probably recognize it. However, the world was not quite ready for it at that time. However, this knowledge and experience allowed us to put together an alternative for the Avond4daagse 2020 in just a few weeks, together with the Koninklijke Wandel Bond Nederland (KWBN). Via the Avond4daagse – Home Editionchildren (and adults) could walk along from home and still receive the unique medal! Around 60,000 participants took part between 1 June and 30 September 2020.

Participants can enjoy the experience and atmosphere of a ‘real’ event via our eRoutes app. Although all participants complete their own laps, they still feel connected to each other. The feeling of doing it together with others and adding elements of sociability and emotion is part of a successful virtual edition. For example, digital stamp posts, motivational content, live radio broadcasts and real life event experiences such as cheering and clapping are offered at some events along the way.

We turn walking and running into an adventure by offering routes that take you along surprising paths.

This is where our route has started

eRoutes is a startup founded in June 2017, then called Imagine Run. Entirely in the spirit of John Lennon’s song Imagine, the mission is to create a healthier world. 

Imagine Run was founded by entrepreneur Edwin Kuipers with a strong personal motive. Although he has been active on a daily basis all his life, he was struck down by a cardiac arrest at the age of 45. Family, neighbors and the ambulance staff, but above all his good physical condition, saved his life. Recovering from his cardiac arrest, he came up with the mobile app that creates unique lap routes: Imagine Run.

Along the way, we figured out that the name Imagine Run no longer fit well with who we are and what we provide. To surprise you with new routes and help you discover the world around you, that’s where our strength lies. That’s why, as of November 2019, Imagine Run is called eRoutes

The team behind eRoutes consists of eight energetic colleagues who are working from Groningen (or at home) on the ambition to introduce eRoutes to the whole world.

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