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With our mobile app or online route planner you can easily create and discover new routes. You decide where you want to start and set the distance. We provide you with a surprising route! Try it today!

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eRoutes Route planner and App
Wandelroutes app en routeplanner

The best app for surprising walking-, running & cycling routes

Our mobile app offers surprising routes and route guidance. Select your activity, the desired distance and immediately get different routes to choose from. With on-screen and voice navigation, you’ll be guided along the entire route. Every route is round, so wherever you start, you also finish.

Training plans
Improve your fitness and choose one of the sensible training plans for walking or running, ranging from 3 to 50 kilometers. For each training, a matching route is given so you can fully  focus on your training.

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Plan your next route in a single click

With our route planner you can effortlessly plan your next running or walking route. Orient yourself for your upcoming walk in the morning, your city trip next week or for the upcoming holiday.

Use the route planner to easily plan routes all over the world. You choose the location where you want to start and set the distance, our route planner does the rest. Pick your route and print, download or export it to your sports watch or GPS device.

Wandelroutes app en routeplanner

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